Investor Information

Our company, established as a REIT by Isbank, invests in real estate, real-estate projects, rights and capital market instruments based on real estate, and other capital market instruments. As a portfolio management company, our main income resources are; rent received from real estates and income generated from sales of real estate and capital market instruments.

We put forth an effort to satisfy our tenants and proud owners of our real estates and supply the highest added value possible for our investors by providing qualitative products and new projects.

While focusing on projects that bring minimum risk and maximum efficiency, Is REIC primarily aims to take place in unique and prestigious projects that contribute to the development of the real-estate sector in Turkey.

Our company is always ahead with its strong capital value and trusted brand name, with the help of its board of directors whom are all experts in their fields with their education and experience. During the forming of the board harmony is found between matters of independency, corporate governance principles and any other necessary regulations.

In order to decrease investment risks to a minimum while conserving and increasing portfolio incomes, our company pays high attention to diversifying in real estate, sectors and regions. Examples of offices, retails and hotel that are part of our well-qualified portfolio are strong indicators of this.

Our steady income from rent due to our strong real-estate portfolio enables us to finance our future projects and to provide regular dividend according to our dividend policy for our investors.